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What Was New?

Viral vector production is currently one of the biggest bottlenecks to late-stage asset commercialization. Process intensification and optimization, the ability to scale up to GMP commercial manufacturing, and establishing strong CDMO partnerships will be critical to your success.

Building on the 2023 success, the 2nd Viral Vector Process Development & Manufacturing Summit returned to Boston in February with a new speaker lineup, refreshed content aligning with your 2024 priorities in the viral vector arena, uniting 80+ viral vector experts to ensure every step along the way is optimized.

Your peers joined to:

Interactive Roundtable Discussions, with Deep-Dives into:

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Process economics analysis of AAV and LVV to help you evaluate alternative raw materials and achieve economies of scale

Evaluate the option of scale-up vs scale-out – from facility planning to DOE for viral vector workflow optimization, improving your viral vector productivity and achieving cost savings

20+ Data-Driven Case Studies, Dedicated to Process Development & Manufacturing, Bridging the Gaps of PD and CMC and Tech Transfer!

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Upstream Process Development:

  • Solid Bio helped you strike the cell equilibrium and viral safety
  • Biogen revealed how to create an isogenic population for viral vector quality and reduce HEK293 plasmid production costs
  • Ultragenyx troubleshooted and optimized formulation for improved vector behavior

Downstream Process Development:

  • Vertex unveiled how to develop platform technologies to increase DSP flexibility
  • ChromTan supercharged your downstream purification capability to maximize yield, purity, and quality viral vector and reduce COGs
  • NRC highlighted a path to a resilient manufacturing process from 5 to 200L for LV production

Exclusive Data-Driven Case Studies to help you avoid common pitfalls:

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Avirmax Inc shared their lesson learned in utilizing HEK-rAAVvs Sf9-rAAV for cell line, and how to develop from lab to GMP grade with process optimization

Takeda shed light on gamma retrovirus (gRV) vector optimization for both gene and vaccine development with effective harvest strategies to reduce impurity risks

With brand-new speaker faculty, and their expertise at various stages of drug development, attendees walked away from these 2 days staying ahead of what’s coming their way, plus networking and meeting industry’s leading solution providers to form meaningful partnership for commercial readiness.

Who Was This Event For?

This event is tailored and designed for the following disciplines from viral vector-based cell, gene, and vaccine drug developers:


Upstream Process Development

Downstream Process Development

Drug Substance

Drug Products





Tech Ops



Capsid Engineering

Attendees Gathered To:

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Discover cutting edge viral vector innovations and exciting developments in capsid engineering to transform development cost dynamics with Regeneron, and establish the strategies to overcome cytotoxic side-effects by controlling host cell expression of vector proteins with Solid Bio

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Unlock the path to regulatory success with superior platform technologies, accelerating the transmission of gene therapies from lab to regulatory approval, understanding what this looks like for industry and academia with Vertex Pharmaceuticals and North Carolina State University

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Streamline operational efficiency to elevate the quality of viral vector production and integrate automation protocols for streamlined manufacturing with Stanford University, and address the considerations for developing a scalable strategy for bioprocessing units with the National Research Council, Canada

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Revolutionize gene delivery by elevating capsid engineering to improve viral vector delivery with UC Berkeley, and delve into innovative strategies for vector optimization with enhanced empty: full characterization with AstraZeneca

Who Attendees Met?

Attendees connected with their peers, including directors, VPs, and principal scientists specializing in viral vector process development, alongside experts in analytical development, regulatory affairs, and CMC.

The summit joined this niche community across cell, gene, and vaccine modalities, together to explore the latest advancements within the viral vector process development and manufacturing realm. The 3-days featured an in-depth facility planning workshop shop and technical case studies to transform development cost dynamics.

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What Past Speakers Have to Say:

“I enjoyed the people, their expertise, and their willingness to speak about their experiences and issues facing the field.”

Julia Rohlhill
, Senior Scientist - Viral Vector Process Development, Bristol Myers Squibb