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About the Viral Vector Process Development Summit

To replicate the success story of monoclonal antibodies, the next stage of evolution for viral vector-based therapies requires rapid expansion of manufacturing capabilities while minimizing cost and maintaining product quality. However, the incipient stage of the field and the complex manufacturing workflows involved also means that questions remain unanswered about optimizing upstream and downstream processes and defining robust CQAs to reduce impurity levels and achieve scalability.

Here to bring these challenges to light is the Viral Vector Process Development Summit – your premier platform exploring the future of viral vector manufacturing that will push the industry ahead while gathering industry leaders to share their experiences, innovations, regulatory considerations, and challenges in this exciting area.

Your top 5 takeaways actionable in 2023:

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Streamline your choice of production system and unravel transfection scaling challenges for viral vector manufacturing


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Optimize your downstream processes and purification techniques to yield a pure viral vector drug product while minimizing costs


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Finetune your process intensification strategy and facilitate technology transfer between sites to achieve economies at scale


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Outline the ever-evolving regulatory requirements across quality standards, potency assays & GMP certification of materials with to avoid delays and delineate a clearer path to market

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Crack critical bottlenecks to AAV and LV manufacturing, including the separation of empty from full capsids, to allow the commercial expansion of viral vector based therapies

Who Will You Meet?

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VP, Director, Head of

  • Viral Vector Process Development
  • Viral Vector Manufacturing
  • Viral Vector Core, Viral Vector Production
  • Viral Vector Cell Line
  • Viral Vector Upstream Process
  • Viral Vector Downstream Process
  • Viral Vector Quality
  • Viral Vector CMC

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