Interactive Roundtable: Enhancing Downstream Enrichment for AAVs & Optimizing Processes for Cost Efficiency & Scalability

Time: 2:45 pm
day: Conference Day 1 - AM


Join dynamic discussions to gain peer-to-peer perspectives on: 

  • Addressing the critical importance of optimizing downstream manufacturing processes using technology to increase efficient production and manufacturing 
  • Discussing the significance of achieving high purity and yield in AAV purification to meet regulatory standards 
  • Outlining practical approaches to achieve scalability in the purification and enrichment of AAVs
  • How to unleash the potential for financial excellence in manufacturing, through CMO partnerships, cost of goods analysis and reducing labour costs
  • Addressing how ESG incentives and penalties are impacting scaling up, whilst pricing down for patients
  • What’s needed to design and evaluate representative pilot scale for full-scale commercial facilities and navigate challenges relating to larger bioreactors and analytical strategies?