Process Economics Analysis of AAV & LVV Manufacturing to Recover Development Expenses

Time: 9:02 am
day: Pre-Conference Workshop Day


Unleash the potential for financial excellence in AAV & LVV manufacturing, discover novel insights through a comprehensive cost of goods analysis, discuss how to maximize the value of your CMO partnerships and understand how to significantly reduce labor costs by automating operations and adopting preventative measures. Join this workshop to revolutionize your manufacturing processes to enhance cost-efficiency and overall success.

This workshop will cover:

  • Cost of goods analysis: highlighting new alternative raw materials
  • Getting the most out of your CMO
  • Reducing labour costs: automating operations & taking preventative measures • Analysis of Environmental, Social & Governance incentives & regulatory penalties
  • Waste disposal strategies: how to minimize & monetize your waste product in manufacturing
  • Addressing the economies of scale: Scaling up whilst pricing down for the patient