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Welcome to the Viral Vector Process Development Summit

Optimize AAV & LV Formulation, Define Process CQAs to
Reduce Impurity Levels & Achieve Scalability

As cell & gene therapy and genomic medicine pipeline continues to mature, process development for viral vector is becoming critical for drug developers for the next phase, to deliver a quality, transformative cure to patients with affordability. The recent investments such as Novartis-Samsung Biologics $81m contract for viral vector manufacturing, Resilience raising $625m towards biomanufacturing capabilities including stable cell lines for viral vector production pave the foundation for scientific and technology innovations. 

With better understanding of these novel nanoparticles, developability and cell line development, the ability to optimize AAV, LV formulation and define robust CQAs are critical to drug developers’ ability to increase scalability with efficiency, reduce cost of goods and most importantly, ensure product quality control for patients. 

The inaugural Viral Vector Process Development Summit is premier platform tailored for Upstream and Downstream Process Development Scientists, Viral Vector Technology, CMC and Production Leads to share their lessons learned and inspirations to overcome bottlenecks. The 3-days summit, joined by the likes of Bristol Myers Squibb, Boehringer Ingelheim, Vertex, Takeda, Ultragenyx will equip you with 

  • Novel strategies to optimize upstream viral vector processes with improved cell line suspension 
  • Bridging the gap between USP and DSP, and explore purification techniques to yield a pure viral vector drug product 
  • Enhance your formulation for a stable viral vector product – compare and contrast viral vector process development for cell and gene therapies
  • Reduce impurity and maximize process development robustness for greater process control and quality 
  • Navigate the fast-evolving regulatory landscape to achieve GMP during scale up and scale out 

Join 60+ senior leaders at this unique forum to benchmark your current approach to deliver a safe, efficacious and economically viable cure for patients at scale!

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